For nearly 35 years Computer-Rx has provided software solutions to community pharmacies throughout the U.S.  Starting as one pharmacist’s solution to ease his own frustrations with his software, we have grown to partner with thousands of pharmacies all over the United States. Community pharmacy drives everything we do.

Computer-Rx began as a family owned and operated business, with Roger and Carol Warkentine at the helm. Early in the life of Computer-Rx, Roger realized that customer support and success were going to be the foundation in which his business would grow. He understood that when you take care of your customers and enable them to thrive, your business will also grow—a lesson that he instilled in all of his employees for more than thirty years.

Now, as a part of the Transaction Data Systems organization, Computer-Rx's commitment to supporting the success of the independent pharmacy industry continues to be steadfast. We value our customers and their needs above all else. Customer feedback and input drive our innovation cycle, ensuring that as our solutions evolve they continue to support growth and efficiency for all of our pharmacy partners. From our founding days to now, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the utmost in software solutions and services, partnering with some great names in the industry and listening to our customers as we continually innovate to meet their needs.  

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