CRx Net Protect

Protect Your Pharmacy Against Cyber Threats

CRx Net Protect is a security tool kit designed to guard your pharmacy against cyber attacks and threats.

  • PCI Compliance Tools
  • Breach Protection
  • Security Training
Crx Net Protect security tools kit protects your pharmacy network from outside threats.

CRx Net Protect provides tools and services to protect your patients’ private health and credit card information from cyber threats as well as protect your pharmacy from the pain caused by a breach—all with little or no effort on the part of the pharmacy for the day-to-day upkeep.

PCI Compliance HIPAA Protect Firewall Pharmacy Server Security Monitoring Breach Cyber Threat PHI

Being compliant with PCI regulations is not an option in the pharmacy industry. However, there are a lot of pieces of compliancy that, unless you have IT personnel, are hard to keep up with. CRx Net Protect provides your pharmacy with all of the tools you need to become PCI compliant in the most convenient way possible.

  • PCI Policy Builder – This tools helps you build a PCI policy that will assist in dealing with any situation pertaining to data security. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

  • Network Vulnerability Scanning – When CRx Net protect is activated in your pharmacy, a network scanning schedule is created. The pharmacy can opt in to receive daily reports of any possible internal or external threats found.

  • SMART SAQ – The SAQ is a 130 question evaluation that by PCI regulations should be completed by your pharmacy’s PCI officer yearly. CRx Net Protect provides you with the SMART SAQ tool for faster and easier completion of the SAQ.

Breach Protection 

Pharmacy breach protection including PCI-compliant wireless internet, managed firewall, and breach insurance.

A data breach occurs when sensitive, protected, or confidential information has been viewed, stolen, or used by an individul unauthorized to do so. CRx Net Protect provides you with essential tools and services to protect against a data breach.

  • PCI Compliant Wireless Internet – It’s the convenience of wireless internet without compromising the security of your network.

  • Managed Firewall – The CRx Net Protect team will set up and manage a powerful firewall to separate your sensitive network from the outside world.

  • Breach Insurance – CRx Net Protect comes standard with breach insurance. In the event of a breach your pharmacy is covered up to $50,000 to pay for contractual expenses, such as audits and fines.

Security Training

To remain PCI compliant each pharmacy employee must undergo annual security training. CRx Net Protect provides online video training that satisfies the PCI requirements for employees and another video training course for your pharmacy’s PCI officer.

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