Computer-Rx timeline


2016: A New Partnership

After 33 years Roger and Carol began to think about retirement. Roger established an executive team, encouraging current leadership to move the company forward. Collectively, they established goals and plans for the future and decided what would be needed to accomplish these goals.

Shortly thereafter, Steve Wubker approached Computer-Rx with a partnership opportunity. Our team decided Rx30, with whom we had formed a relationship with over the years due to their similar customer-first mentality, coupled with the Leaders Strategy program implemented by GTCR, was a great opportunity for Computer-Rx.

2015: Moving Back to Moore

We continued to grow steadily in the years following the initial boom, installing more pharmacies each year. In 2014, the company was outgrowing the current facility with 70 employees, but Roger and Carol already had new plans in the works. In May of 2014, they broke ground in the heart of Moore on a new three-story facility that would allow for the growth they anticipated. The build was complete in June of 2015, and after the employees moved over it was business as usual.

2012: Introducing Idea Exchange

As we added more and more features to the programs it became apparent that education was going to play a crucial role in the success of our pharmacy partners. The many features we were continuously adding to our platform were of no use if our customers didn't know how to use them. This is where the idea of a user conference formed and a small team, led by Lauren Warkentine, was dispatched to make it happen. From several meetings pouring over the many details needed to put together a conference, Idea Exchange was born. 

2006: The Central Platform

During the boom we began working with more small, regional chains that had a need to be able to work with patient information and other critical data across multiple stores. We began to develop a central management functionality into WinRx that would allow pharmacies to reconcile accounts across locations. This evolved into a full central platform, separate from WinRx, equipped to handle, A/R, reporting, and pricing. A few years later we added patient profiles, transfer capabilities, and employee accounts to complete WinRx Central. 

2002: The Big Boom

New notoriety coupled with pharmacies championing our system on a much larger scale started a boom for Computer-Rx. In 8 years we went from serving 250 pharmacies in the region to more than 1500 all over the United States. This caused for a surge in hiring and the need to move to a larger facility in Oklahoma City.

2001: Computer-Rx Goes National

Up until 2001 Computer-Rx had been slowly growing throughout Oklahoma and the surrounding states. Business spread mostly by word of mouth of our customers who championed the system to other community pharmacists. With the help of some partnerships with large names in the pharmacy industry, we experienced a shift. We were no longer a small company serving locally, we began to experience national notoriety. Our mindset shifted, as well. We began to attend trade shows and to learn and program for multiple different state regulations.

2000: Adding Point of Sale to the Platform

We remained in the temporary office until the main office was rebuilt a year later. It was during this time that Roger began to work on a point-of-sale program that would address the hurdles that pharmacies face at check out . At the time, there were many point-of-sale programs becoming popular but none provided pharmacy specific information to the clerk.  He started working with an outside company, but they ran into many issues. Roger reached out to his brother, Ron, to work on the POS program. Ron went from working part time to full time and in 2002, we were able to begin releasing the new point of sale.

1999-2001: Moving to Windows

Before the tornado, Roger saw that the future was moving away from Disk Operating Systems and realized that building on a Windows platform would allow pharmacies to use the many other features built into that operating system to complete essential pharmacy tasks. This was the beginning of WinRx. The migration was a process because we understand that changing to a whole new system is hard when you're running a business, but the last of our pharmacy customers at the time moved to WinRx in 2001.

1999: May 3rd Tornado

For years we experienced steady growth and progression. As more pharmacies began to adopt the management software, we hired more employees to support them. To accommodate for the increased staff we moved to a larger facility in the heart of Moore. On May 3, 1999, an F5 tornado tore through Moore, leaving devastation in its path. The Computer-Rx Main Office was one of many businesses and homes reduced to a foundation littered with debris. Calls were forwarded to employee’s homes, and in three days we had a fully functioning temporary office.

1994: First Employees

Roger and Carol continued to work out of their home for years, but with the realization that they were soon not going to be able to handle it all themselves they moved the business to an office. Shortly thereafter, they hired their first two employees.

1988: Computer-Rx became Roger’s Main Game

For 5 years, Roger kept his independent pharmacy while continuing to develop the software on the side, but by 1988 Roger was updating software and supporting 60 stores with the help of his wife, Carol. Computer-Rx had grown too much to be a side project. Roger and Carol took a leap of faith and sold their independent pharmacy to pursue Computer-Rx full time.

1983: Computer-Rx Opens for Business

After struggling with the pharmacy software he bought for his own independent pharmacy, Roger decided to take matters into his own hands. He began to develop his own pharmacy software that could meet the needs of a pharmacist, teaching himself to program along the way. When he had created a usable product, he began to share his product with other community pharmacists.