Help Patients Get the Right Medication the First Time

myRightMeds is a genetic testing service, helping you identify the medications that will produce the best outcomes for your patients.  It promotes:

  • Precision Pharmacy
  • Collaborative Care
  • Integrated Methodology

myRightMeds is a unique, first-to-market approach to personalized patient care. With a simple cheek swab, you can offer your patients a unique medication experience, improve their quality of life, and reduce the cost of healthcare. 

Precision Pharmacy

Precision Pharmacy

Genetic makeup impacts the way a medication affects patients. It can determine whether or not a patient will respond well to a certain medication, or if they're more likely to experience harmful side effects. Oftentimes, it takes changing medications multiple times before a patient finds the right fit. 

However, using the myRightMeds platform allows you to do away with that trial-and-error approach and the costly, ineffective therapies associated with it. Instead, using the data gathered from their DNA, you can identify which medications will work best with the patient's genetic makeup the first time. 


Collaborative Care

You no longer have to be separate from the rest of your patient's healthcare team. The myRightMeds testing platform allows you to collaborate with physicians to ensure they're prescribing the most effective medications for your patients' needs, ensuring that the entire healthcare team is on the same page and giving your patient a personalized experience. 

Best of all, much of this collaboration is automated through the myRightMeds platform with little effort on your part. 

Integrated Methodology

IntegratedRather than prompting you to switch back and forth between platforms, myRightMeds is designed to integrate with Computer-Rx pharmacy software. Through this integration the service uses proprietary algorithms to select patients who would be good candidates for the program, transmits results directly to their patient profile, and flags potential drug-to-gene interactions.


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