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The opioid epidemic affects thousands every day, claiming the lives of more than 60, 000 people each year. The regulations put in place on to combat this problem have led to time-consuming reporting for each controlled substance you fill,  requiring you to sign in to your state registry and log the patient information. 

NarcFacts changes that. It is a hassle-free, integrated method to perform PDMP reviews, fight the opioid epidemic, and remain compliant!

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One-Click PDMP Review From Within Your Pharmacy System 


Key Features

Save Time with a Streamlined Process

Eliminate additional steps when dispensing scheduled drugs. When you enter the patient information and select a schedule drug, the information is checked against the NarcFacts database. If there is a potential problem, one of eight specific PDMP alerts will appear identifying the issue and prompting you to learn more.


Identify Abuse with Powerful Analytics from Multiple Sources

Select to view more information with a prescription history graph and dispensing history map comprised of data from multiple medical reporting entities. Using these tools in the NarcFacts integration, you can better identify patients who are potentially abusing the system.


Ensure PDMP Review Compliance 

When you select to view information in the NarcFacts portal, a log of your action is created, keeping you compliant. 

Integrated PDMP review

Flexible and Simplified

NarcFacts is fully integrated with your Computer-Rx pharmacy management system, requires zero data entry in the NarcFacts portal or your state registry, and allows you to configure alerts to fit your pharmacy’s review process, making PDMP compliance easier than ever before.


Change the Way your Pharmacy Does PDMP Reviews

Fight the opioid epidemic and streamline your processes.  Get started today. 


Integrated PDMP Review 


No setup fee 


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Don’t waste time doing labor-intensive PDMP reviews and logging in and out of your state’s registry portal. Let us simplify the process by integrating it with your management software. Visit the NarcFacts site for more information on the service and to start the registration process!

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