Computer-Rx and Rx30 Partner with Updox to Improve Communications between Pharmacies, Physicians, and Patients

This new partnership provides community pharmacies with tools to enhance star ratings, engage patients, drive new revenue, and manage workflows for more efficient clinical care.

MOORE, OK – July 21, 2017 Computer-Rx and Rx30 have partnered with Updox, the industry leader for care coordination and healthcare connectivity solutions, to provide the Updox Pharmacy Connect solution to Rx30 and Computer-Rx customers. This partnership is designed to help community pharmacies engage patients, increase pharmacy revenue, and securely connect with physicians and other members of the care team.

Updox Pharmacy Connect is a web-based, HIPAA-compliant care coordination suite that helps pharmacists securely exchange clinical records with physicians, maximize reimbursements, engage patients, and improve workflow efficiencies. Pharmacy Connect offers a patient portal to engage patients and improve customer satisfaction, fully-accredited and HIPAA-compliant direct secure messaging to support interaction and information exchange with other providers, on-demand messaging for reputation management and relationship building, appointment reminders to reduce no-shows, online payments to drive revenue and cash flow, and special features to encourage medication adherence.

“Communication between healthcare providers is going to be such an integral part of solving our broken healthcare system,” said Lauren Warkentine, President, Computer-Rx. “We look forward to bringing this opportunity to our pharmacies and the upcoming integration into our software.

With Updox, all pharmacy communications—secure messages, emails, referrals, appointment cancellations, faxes, forms and more—are consolidated into a universal inbox for easy routing or response, which can be done either in or outside of the pharmacy. Pharmacy Connect also supports independent pharmacies as they strive to enhance star ratings, increase pharmacy traffic, drive new revenue and engage patients.

“We’re facing a broken, unstable healthcare system. If we’re truly committed to lowering costs and improving care, we must look at ways where different providers can easily share information, coordinate care, and engage patients as partners,” said Michael Morgan, chief executive officer, Updox. “Updox recognizes that pharmacies are a vital part of clinical care teams. Ensuring they have secure, easy-to-use connections to other providers is essential to supporting their ability to impact care, ensure medication adherence, and manage healthcare costs.”

For more information, visit http://www.updox.com/pharmacy-connect.

About Computer-Rx

Serving community pharmacies through their innovative pharmacy software platform for more than 30 years, Computer-Rx provides proven Pharmacy Management Software and Services which promote growth and efficiency. Computer-Rx’s driving passion as an organization is to partner with community pharmacies to improve patient health, and through their continually growing and evolving products and services, they offer pharmacies the technology and support they need to succeed. Committed to product innovation and accuracy, Computer-Rx is dedicated to improving its software and services while cultivating relationships with progressive industry partners. For more information, please visit www.computer-rx.com

About Updox  

Updox is the industry-leading healthcare care coordination solution. Named #571 on the Inc. 5000 list of America's fastest-growing private companies, Updox is integrated with more than 80 electronic health records (EHR) and serves more than 300,000 users and 72 million patients.

Through an extensive direct messaging network and platform of apps, Updox connects various healthcare providers, including physicians, patients, payers, pharmacies, labs and healthcare partners. Once part of the Updox network, users or partners can access a full suite of applications including secure messaging, patient portal, appointment scheduling & reminders, credit card payments, and health alerts, all with the goal of driving improved outcomes through more efficient communications and better care coordination. Connect with Updox at http://www.updox.com.

About Rx30

Rx30 is a total Pharmacy Management Software application that truly acts as the hub for all pharmacy management activities, including prescription dispensing, fully automated refills and reminders, workflow management, adherence management, document management, smart phone/web refills, e-prescribing, POS, outbound customer communication, IVR integration, business reporting, label printing and a myriad of value added processes and interfaces that assist in streamlining pharmacy management activities and driving profit. For more information visit http://www.rx30.com

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