Computer-Rx and Rx30 Receive Surescripts Certification for LTC Clinical Direct Messaging

With Surescripts and PointClickCare, Computer-Rx and Rx30 users can now better communicate with prescribers and facilities about their LTC services.

Computer-Rx and Rx30 are excited to announce that, through their new certification with Surescripts, their customers will have access to a better communication channel with LTC facilities, prescribers, and patients. To facilitate this communication and ensure better LTC patient care and understanding, Computer-Rx and Rx30 will work with PointClickCare, an industry leader in LTC communication and care promotion using a cloud-based platform.

“Communication between prescribers, LTC facilities, and pharmacies is a crucial aspect of patient care. However, there has never been a way to facilitate this electronic communication securely, until now,” said Lauren Warkentine, Computer-Rx President. “We are excited to be certified by Surescripts and incorporate PointClickCare into this process to bring this much-needed service to our pharmacies.”

Through PointClickCare’s platform, pharmacies and facilities can communicate several different scenarios—new prescription request, fill status update, cancelation, resupply request, and patient information updates. The Surescripts integration enables the facility to view and send notifications through the dispensing software.

“We wanted the communication to easily integrate into the pharmacy’s workflow to minimize struggle and allow them to focus on their business,” said Steve Wubker, Chief Executive Officer, Rx30/TDS. “By working with Surescripts and PointClickCare, the communication can occur through an integration the pharmacies are already using regularly, making the process that much easier for them.”

About Computer-Rx
Serving community pharmacies through their innovative pharmacy software platform for more than 30 years, Computer-Rx provides proven Pharmacy Management Software and Services which promote growth and efficiency. Computer-Rx’s driving passion as an organization is to partner with community pharmacies to improve patient health. Through their continually growing and evolving products and services, they offer pharmacies the technology and support they need to succeed. Committed to product innovation and accuracy, Computer-Rx is dedicated to being responsive to its customers’ needs and industry changes to continually improve its software and services while cultivating relationships with progressive industry partners. For more
information, please visit www.computer-rx.com

About Rx30
Rx30 is a total Pharmacy Management Software application that truly acts as the hub for all pharmacy management activities, including prescription dispensing, fully automated refills and reminders, workflow management, adherence management, document management, smart phone/web refills, e-prescribing, POS, outbound customer communication, IVR integration, business reporting, label printing and a myriad of value added processes and interfaces that assist in streamlining pharmacy management activities and driving profit. For more information visit www.rx30.com.

About PointClickCare
PointClickCare is the fastest growing electronic health record (EHR) platform for the long-term care industry. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, PointClickCare utilizes web-based software to help long-term care providers of all sizes, from small independent homes to large, multi-facility providers, manage the complete lifecycle of resident care. From pre-admission to discharge, PointClickCare's integrated, feature-rich EHR platform streamlines clinical, billing, and administration processes to enhance quality of care and maximize revenue recovery while accelerating reimbursement cycles. For more information on PointClickCare, visit www.pointclickcare.com

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