Clinical Solutions

Computer-Rx pharmacy management solutions provide access to clinical revenue opportunities directly in the software.

In-Workflow Pharmacy Interventions: Driving Pharmacy Quality and Revenue

TDS Clinical 360 is a free solution, embedded in your pharmacy management software, that enables you to provide better patient outcomes.

  • Access clinical opportunities in one convenient place
  • Drive medication synchronization and adherence
  • Earn additional revenue for your pharmacy

You also receive access to additional revenue opportunities through payer-funded, clinical interventions provided by our clinical services team.

Integrated Clinical Opportunities

Complete medication synchronization, adherence, and medication interventions for patients as you receive in-workflow alerts. The TDS network of pharmacies is vast, enabling us to partner with the right payers. Through integrated clinical opportunities, you can boost revenue for your pharmacy and improve patient outcomes.

Integrated Revenue Opportunities

With Clinical 360°, new clinical revenue opportunities are provided directly within your pharmacy management system and your normal prescription dispensing workflow. With a simple click, you can see how much revenue you can earn with an opportunity and the effort level involved for completion.

Enhance your business with our Clinical Services Team

As a pharmacist and business owner, your time is always in short supply. With this program, you can choose to complete an intervention yourself when time permits, or you can easily assign the opportunity to our qualified clinical services team to complete on your behalf. You still earn a portion of the revenue without sacrificing valuable time!

  • Receive additional support without the high cost of hiring more staff
  • Highly trained pharmacists and technicians can enroll patients in med sync programs
  • Refill and pickup reminders and immunization scheduling can be handled by our clinical services team

Improved Adherence Rates

The clinical services team works to enroll patients in your medication synchronization program to increase their adherence ratings. This process can also result in a boost to your pharmacy’s Star Ratings and a possible reduction in your DIR fees.

Increased Pharmacy Revenue

Clinical service outreach encourages patients to fill and pick up their prescriptions as prescribed, increasing your prescription count and bringing in more revenue through patient co-pays.

Improved Patient Health

Non-adherence can be caused by a number of factors, many of which can be resolved through communication. The clinical services team acts as an extension of your pharmacy to provide additional care and attention to your patients.

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