Kloudscript, our community led specialty pharmacy solution, integrates seamlessly within Computer-Rx and allows patients to receive all of their pharmaceutical needs in one pharmacy home.


KloudScript's state-of-the-art platform, KETU®, is designed to engage patients and improve clinical outcomes.

Specialty pharmacies can easily access KETU® patient records from their Computer-Rx system to manage their value-based care services, interventions and work-flows on a secure, HIPAA compliant web-based system.  

  • Monitor overall patient care
  • Customizable workflows and care plans 
  • Secure platform to manage protected health information 
  • Automated intake to analyze claims, clinical and adherence data, financial case management, etc. 
  • Integrated faxing capabilities and provider portal communication 

Specialty Services 

KloudScript combines our team's expertise and innovative platform to help pharmacies navigate the uncharted territory of filling specialty prescriptions on an as-needed basis.

  • Prior Authorizations: Expert clinical review of statement of medical necessity to meet authorization requirements with detailed tracking of the outcome
  • Appeals Management: Clinical-driven letters and literature used for denial overturns and comprehensive support of all levels of authorization reviews 
  • Patient Assistance Programs: Assist patients and providers in securing financial resources to reduce out-of-pocket costs

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