Profit Watch Plus

Turn Lost Opportunities into Realized Profit

Profit Watch Plus is a service the helps you identify opportunities to bring more money into your pharmacy.

  • Pre- and post-editing service
  • Semi-monthly email review
  • Management reports
  • AWP resubmission opportunities
Profit Watch Plus helps pharmacies identify profit opportunities.

Profit Watch Plus provides you with a myriad of useful information on your pharmacy’s bottom line through specialized reports and emails. These reports bring to light claims, mistakes, and unutilized opportunities that have the potential to bring more revenue into your pharmacy.

Pre- and Post-Editing Service

Profit Watch Plus applies real time pre- and post-edits to your claims. Our Profit Watch Plus team has selected a set of edits for you. Each edit is reviewed periodically to ensure the best edits are being applied to your business.

Pre- and post-edits help correct audit triggers. They also help combat other issues considered to be common stumbling blocks for our pharmacy customers, such as state-specific requirements, prescriber activity, and more. 

Semi-Monthly Email Review

Your subscription to Profit Watch Plus provides you with a semi-monthly email review of opportunities to recoup missed profit.

We go beyond the standard PPE experience by tightening the relationship between your pharmacy and Computer-Rx to help you manage billing mistakes found in your pharmacy. Each email interaction contains a list of your recurring overrides and available AWP overrides.

Management Reports 

Designed specifically for Profit Watch Plus customers, you will have access to many specialized reports throughout WinRx.

Each report is focused on an area of your business that can help you see profit opportunities, potential audit concerns, and help you manage your business more efficiently

AWP Resubmission Opportunities Automates AWP resubmissions for a chance at higher profits on prescriptions that have already been dispensed.

When an insurance company updates their AWP, and a lower AWP was used to submit a claim, this can create an opportunity to resubmit the claim for a higher margin. With Profit Watch Plus, Computer-Rx automates this process and provides you the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether to take advantage of this possible profit increase.

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