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Pharmacy software support using their skills to help pharmacies succeed.

Unmatched Customer Success Resources

Throughout your relationship with Computer-Rx you will have access to resources designed to help your pharmacy succeed. Many of our knowledgeable employees have experience working in the pharmacy industry, so we understand what you need to put your pharmacy on the path to success.

Installation, Training, and Data Conversion

Our Installation Specialists will come to your pharmacy to install and set up the products and stay to train you and your staff the basic operations of the system. If you’re converting from another system, your Conversion Specialist will work to ensure that all your previous data converts smoothly to the Computer-Rx system.

Industry-Leading Support Based in Our Home Office in Moore, OK

Our Customer Service Advocates are available via email, chat, and phone to connect with you on any issues you may be having. Many previously served as pharmacy professionals and understand that when you have patients waiting you need a quick resolution that will get you back to business.

Online Customer Portal

Our online customer success portal houses many resources for Computer-Rx users. At any time a user can log in and access online tutorials, staff training videos, help articles, and a customer forum. They can also track and review tickets that have been submitted to our Support Team.


Freedom to Choose your Partners

Never be forced to use a third-party vendor because of your pharmacy software. Computer-Rx is not backed by a wholesaler, which opens your pharmacy up to multiple vendor options.

  • All major and most regional wholesalers
  • Compatible with multiple major credit card processors
  • Dozens of vendors to improve patient interactions and outcomes
New pharmacy owner counseling a patient on a medication.

Starting a Pharmacy

Independent pharmacy is a tough industry to break into. Everywhere you look you face competition from large chain retailers and mail order services. To compete you have to be able to bring something to the table that these pharmacies can’t offer. It’s up to you to figure out what that might be. It’s up to us to make sure you’re equipped to do it.

Computer-Rx delivers a total pharmacy solution to help you effectively manage your business, while improving patient health.

  • Customizable reporting
  • Pricing management
  • MTM integrations

To learn more about the solutions we have for new pharmacy owners view our products or request a personlized demo

Pharmacy owner in his specialty and compound pharmacy.

Growing Your Pharmacy

Independent pharmacy owners in today’s market are capable of doing more than ever before. The latest market trends have turned your pharmacy into a healthcare hub, where you not only manage patient prescriptions, you manage patient health. As your responsibilities continue to grow you need a partner who can provide you with the right tools.

Our tools make working clinical interactions into your pharmacy’s workflow efficient and easier than ever before.

  • Built-in medication synchronization program
  • Adherence and performance reporting
  • Mirixa and Outcomes MTM integrations

Computer-Rx’s total pharmacy solution comes equipped with an arsenal of tools to help you effectively manage your pharmacy business.

  • Customizable reporting
  • Pricing and inventory management
  • Reconciliation and A/R

To learn more about the solutions we can offer an existing pharmacy owner view our products or request a live, personlized pharmacy demo

map of multiple location of a multi-site pharmacy business.

Expanding Your Business

It’s not until you begin to look at the pharmacy business as a whole that you understand the individual needs of a multi-site pharmacy business. Rather than working with each pharmacy to manage your finances, employees, and patients, Computer-Rx’s centralized management solution allows you to control key aspects of your business from one location.

To create consistency across your business you want the same standards to be upheld across the board. A centralized management solution allows you to connect your pharmacies, ensuring that patients are receiving the same level of care at each location.

  • Manage and transfer patient and prescription profiles securely between locations
  • Create a pricing structure that can be customized for each location or consistent throughout
  • Centralized employee profiles allowing movement between locations

Our centralized management system allows you to work in real time to manage your pharmacy business.

  • Report on data important to your business’s bottom line
  • Check inventory availability across locations
  • Reconcile claims for each pharmacy

When adding additional pharmacy locations, you must work to attract new patients or retain existing patients from previous ownership. With marketing and communication tools built for your pharmacies, you can establish a voice within your community and maximize your profits while creating better patient care.

  • Refill request app for Apple and Android
  • Online patient portal
  • Branded marketing materials

To learn more about what solutions we can provide a multiple location pharmacy business view our products or request a personlized demonstration

A health center pharmacy professional working with a patient on their prescription medication.

Hospital-Owned Pharmacy

Hospital retail pharmacies got their start as a way for employees and their dependents to get prescriptions filled, but they’ve evolved to fill prescriptions for patients who are checking out of the facility as well. In addition to facing many of the same hurdles as a retail pharmacy, hospital pharmacies are subject to different regulations and need a versatile software to meet their broad demands.

Computer-Rx offers tools to help you maintain patient care and decrease readmission.

  • Bedside delivery
  • Patient adherence targeting
  • MTM integrations

With increasing regulatory hurdles and business challenges, our tools help pharmacies manage their 340B program effectively while still maintaining patients outside of that program.

  • Virtual inventories
  • Patient grouping
  • Identifying 340B facilities in your area

Computer-Rx offers the tools to help you manage your pharmacy business effectively through all of the hurdles presented in your unique hospital setting.

  • Versatile financial reporting
  • EDI ordering and receiving
  • Employee management

To learn more about our solutions that meet the unique needs of health center pharmacies view our products or request a live, personalized demonstration

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