WinRx Pharmacy Management

How can WinRx Pharmacy Software Help You?

WinRx is a user-friendly, Windows-based software program focused on the pharmacy workflow. It is designed to minimize steps and maximize efficiency, allowing you to give your patients the best care possible.

  • Monitor Prescriptions

  • Track Inventory

  • Run Reports

WinRx Pharmacy Management Software

WinRx puts a collection of tools at your fingertips for every aspect of your pharmacy business. Dozens of integrations and interfaces with third-party companies provide even more flexibility, making WinRx Pharmacy Management software a complete solution for your behind the counter pharmacy operations.


Learn how WinRx changed the way Gina's pharmacy does business!  

"Working with Computer-Rx has changed the way we run our business just in the daily aspect of working with workflow. "

- Gina J., Asst. Pharmacy Director

Implement or Streamline Workflow

Organize your pharmacy processes by establishing an efficient workflow. Starting with scanning the hard copy all the way to the patient pick up, WinRx’s workflow moves prescriptions seamlessly through the dispensing process.

Pharmacy workflow: input, fill, technician check, and pharmacist verificationWinRx workflow can be customized to fit an already established pharmacy workflow. Using the numerous integrations and interfaces available you can work automations, IVRs, online refill tools, and many other time-saving features into your workflow, streamlining the process even further.

All incoming prescriptions are placed in easily organized queues and tracked to the point of pickup, allowing you to locate a prescription at any point in the dispensing process. With the use of WinRx’s will-call bin management tool, you can mark prescriptions that are not only waiting to be picked up but that are held up for one reason or another, ensuring that nothing slips through the cracks.



Provide Clinical Solutions through:

Adherence Monitoring

Whether by third-party integration or the adherence functionality built into WinRx, you can monitor and manage patients who take maintenance medications.

Using the tools within WinRx, establishing an adherence plan is a simple, straight forward process. Customizable reporting helps you identify at-risk patients to contact about adherence. Fill cycles and grouping tools make it easy to set up patients on the program. Batch filling allows you to quickly dispense prescriptions for your patients that have sync dates in common. You can also view adherence percentages in multiple screens throughout WinRx to ensure that you always know where your patient stands.

Medication Therapy Management

The built-in MTM documentation tools in WinRx provide resources to capture important clinical data on your patients, such as blood pressure, medication side effects, allergies and reactions. Once entered into the program, the information is logged and available for viewing from multiple screen throughout the system.

Additionally, if you work with MTM partners, like OutcomesMTM or Mirixa, to complete cases and improve your star rating, you can view patients who have available MTM cases from multiple screens. Through single-sign on capability, you can access their case with the click of a button and submit the review directly through the WinRx integration.

Enhanced Medication Services

Our newest core service, EMS, is designed to supplement your pharmacy’s clinical outreach program. The experienced pharmacy clinicians at the Enhanced Medication Services Center will reach out to patients on behalf of your pharmacy to help you create the best possible outcomes for your patients.

EMS will work with your pharmacy to enroll eligible patients in your medication adherence program. Then, continually follow up each month to ensure the medications are working for them and they are happy with their current regimen.


Manage Inventory

WinRx’s built-in inventory management allows you to keep track of all the inventory on your shelves, easily process incoming inventory, and quickly order new stock.

Inventory Tracking:

Community pharmacist receiving and shelving inventory

Never lose sight of the inventory you have in stock by tracking it in your WinRx program. When a prescription is filled in your workflow the medication will automatically be removed from your inventory in the software. Likewise, if you ever need to return the medication to your inventory for any reason, you can do so with a simple click of a button on the edit screen.


Ordering inventory through WinRx has never been easier using EDI interfaces with all major and most regional wholesalers coupled with customizable reorder points. Once a drug falls below its reorder point in your software’s inventory, it will automatically be added to your current purchase order. Then, when you’re ready to send, you can do so directly through your pharmacy software system.


WinRx’s EDI interface also makes receiving inventory a simple proces. Upon filling out your purchase order, your wholesaler will send you an EDI 855 file confirming the medications they will be delivering to you. Simply import this file into WinRx and your inventory will automatically update.

Run Reports

Reporting may be the single most effective business tool you have. With WinRx’s flexible reports, you can view data from all aspects of your pharmacy business in easily consumable charts or graphs.

WinRx reports are completely customizable, so you can easily see at the big picture or dive into the minutest detail, whichever serves your purpose best. You can also report on a variety of business topics:

Computer-Rx pharmacy software pharmacy report.
  • Inventory
  • Outstanding claims
  • Patient adherence
  • Employee circumstances

You can save customized templates to easily run the same report again in the future or set reports to run automatically on a scheduled timeline and be sent to your email or printed.

Reconcile Claims

Get the most out of your reimbursements with WinRx reconciliation tools. After a thorough review from your staff, WinRx sends claims as prescriptions move through your workflow. If there is problem with the claim, you will be notified within minutes allowing you to quickly fix the rejection and resubmit the claim.

WinRx makes it easy to identify AWP resubmission opportunities through profit reporting, and you can manage your entire A/R program right in the software.

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