WinRx Central Management

Centralize Management of Your Pharmacy Business

WinRx Central serves as a central management system for your multi-site pharmacy business. It is designed to allow you to view and manage critical aspects of your business all from a central location.

  • Automated Centralized Reporting
  • Accessibility to all locations
  • Claim Reconciliation
WinRx Central Multi-site pharmacy management software

WinRx Central puts the critical information from all your pharmacy locations together in one place, allowing you to look at your business as a whole. You can manage the business end of your multi-site pharmacy business, while your pharmacy staff focus on patient care at individual locations.

See how WinRx Central's reporting features helped Art's pharmacy group!

 "Central's affected us a lot because we are able to run reports. We've probably dropped our inventory almost $2 million since I started."

- Art A., Director of Pharmacy

Report from Central Location

Use WinRx Central to view, print, and export pharmacy sales, drug usage, and register sales for all of your stores. Comparing annual, monthly, and daily information allows you to make better purchasing decisions and more informed sales projections.

With WinRx Central's flexible reporting features, you can combined data from all locations, look at each location individually, sort the data by filters to find the most minute details, and graph for an easier view of the big picture.

Reconcile Claims

WinRx multi-site pharamcy management software report for processing claims.

Allow your stores to focus on patient health by reconciling claims at your central office. With centralized reconciliation, your accounting staff no longer has to remotely log in or make trips to individual pharmacies. They access the information directly through the WinRx Central program.

Through WinRx Central, you can manage the setup of third-party companies at your central office and transmit the data to individual pharmacy locations, creating a master list for them to pull from. This promotes consistency for easier reconciliation at the central office.



Implement a Pricing Structure

Independent pharmacy employee using pharmacy reporting to determine pharmacy prices and pricing structure.

Using WinRx Central you can control the pricing across all your locations. You can blanket change your pricing strategy to promote consistency throughout your group or control pricing for individual locations to reflect the market in that area. This control can lessen the effect of lost opportunities and help you prevent random price changes at the pharmacy level.

Wholesaler price updates can be performed at the central location and pushed out to individual locations.

Manage Patient Information

WinRx Central allows you to manage patient information from your central server. You can share patient information across locations, allowing your pharmacies to transfer patient between locations if necessary.

A/R account information for all locations can be managed at the central location—statement printing, sending, report aging—allowing your pharmacies to focus on patient care and not account balances.

Maximize Business Results

Multi-site pharmacy employees using WinRx Central Management software.

WinRx Central offers methods to regulate your inventory. You can view on-hand values and pricing for any and all of your pharmacy locations through the Central platform. Individual pharmacies can look up inventory at other locations connected through Central from their WinRx software, allowing them to request inventory for a fill.

Through WinRx Central you can manage employee profiles, access levels, and log-in information, allowing them to move from one location to another without issue.

WinRx Central allows you to maintain quality information and consistency across all locations. You can update data centrally then push updates to all pharmacies. 

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