WinRx Connect

Bring Your Pharmacy into the Mobile World

WinRx Connect is a set of business web application tools designed to enhance patient experience and improve your pharmacy’s efficiency.

  • Refill Request App

  • Online Patient Portal

  • Simplified Rx Delivery

WinRx Connect pharmacy communication tools

WinRx Connect gives your patients a communication channel to your pharmacy regardless of time or day. It provides the convenience of the big-box retailers coupled with the care only your community pharmacy can provide.

Refill Request App

The Rx 2 Go app gives your patients the ability to order refills directly from their Apple or Android mobile device. Using the app they can scan the prescription bottle's barcode or enter the Rx number of the prescription to request their refill. The request instantly appears in your pharmacy’s refill queue, no matter time or day.

Rx 2 Go also includes a patient profile feature, where your patients can view prescription status of any of the medications they fill with your pharmacy along with a comprehensive patient profile.

Online Patient PortalPharmacy patient portal that allows for prescription refill and online patient health management.

WinRxRefill is a comprehensive web-based patient portal, allowing your patients to take their health into their own hands. Patients can:

  • View real-time prescription statuses at a glance  or in depth
  • Easily request one or more refills
  • View and understand their medication adherence rating and which prescriptions affect it
  • Link family members’ profiles to one account
  • Pay charge account balances
  • View and print comprehensive patient profiles
  • View the drug monograph of their prescriptions

Like Rx 2 Go, refill requests made through the patient portal go directly into your pharmacy’s refill queue.

WinRxRefill has an easily navigable and modern interface, giving your patients the convenience demanded in today’s market and confidence that your pharmacy is up-to-date on the latest technology trends.

No other third-party application can integrate with your WinRx pharmacy software like WinRx Connect can. Only this service can provide your patients direct access to their prescription profiles and send refills straight into your pharmacy’s refill queue.

Simplified Prescription Delivery

WinScan Mobile is an iOS application that simplifies prescription delivery by:

  • Eliminating printed signature receipts
  • Optimizing delivery routes
  • Organizing delivery tickets

Using any Apple iPad equipped with the WinScan Mobile app, you or your delivery driver can maintain all delivery tickets, find the most efficient route for delivery, and collect digital signatures from patients as prescriptions are delivered.

Outstanding SupportPhaarmacy software and customer support working to help promote pharmacy success.

All WinRx Connect features are designed and hosted in-house, allowing for easy and secure updates. Unique to our software, WinRx Connect has a dedicated implementation and support staff. Therefore, if you ever do experience an issue, you know you’ll be talking to an expert when you call in.

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