WinRx Secure

Protect Your Pharmacy Data with Secure Backups

WinRx Secure is an off-site, online data backup service monitored by a team of Computer-Rx Secure specialists.

  • Nightly Backups
  • Encrypted Transmission
  • Safeguarded Infrastructure
  • Simple and Quick Recovery
WinRx Secure pharmacy data back up to protect your pharmacy data.

WinRx Secure allows you to protect your pharmacy data from natural disasters, hardware malfunctions, and ransomware threats by backing up to the cloud. It is a HIPAA-compliant solution to prevent data loss in your pharmacy.

Nightly Backups Pharmacy data stored safely and securely in the cloud.

WinRx Secure takes the hassle out of nightly backups. After an initial backup of all your pharmacy files, Secure will only backup new or altered files, taking only a few minutes. Secure backups take place automatically after your pharmacy closes.

Encrypted Transmission

WinRx Secure uses a 3-tiered encryption to prevent data from being read in transit. This encrypts your data as it’s being backup at the pharmacy. It encrypts it again in route to the server storage facility. The final encryption takes place at the storage facilities as it’s being stored.

Safeguarded Infrastructure 

Pharmacy data safely stored across the US

WinRx Secure data is stored at three strategically placed storage centers across the United States, ensuring your data’s safety in the case of a regional disaster. All three storage facilities are protected by gated security, key card access, and surveillance cameras, making it virtually impossible for data to be stolen at the storage sites.

Simple and Quick Recovery

In the unfortunate event that your pharmacy data is lost, it can be recovered in as little as an hour by our team of WinRx Secure specialists. All you need is a working computer with internet access. The pharmacy program will be downloaded and your data will be safely transmitted and downloaded, getting your business back up and running.

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