WinScan Point-of-Sale

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WinScan is not your average POS software. It is designed specifically for the independent pharmacy environment and built to allow you to provide the best experience for your patients.

  • Prescription Tracking
  • Secure Payment Processing
  • Sales and Profit Reporting
WinScan Point of sale pharmacy software

Created to allow your workflow to flow seamlessly from input to pick up, WinScan point-of-sale software is fully integrated with WinRx. Whether you’re checking out OTC items or a prescription, WinScan completes the sale, captures and stores signatures, and updates your inventory for more accurate reporting and ordering.


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"It's good to see that the people that work for Computer-Rx, how they're on top of things. I think they have great customer service. They want us to be better." 

- Chris M., Community Pharmacist

Provide Excellent Customer Service

WinScan uses smart prompts to help your clerk provide the best patient care possible, while ensuring that you're compliant with pharmacy regulations. Does this drug require patient ID? WinScan will tell you. Did you already collect a signature? WinScan will show you.

WinScan comes equipped with the latest touch-screen technology, making the checkout process quick and efficient. Using customer-facing features such as displays and notification boards keep your patients informed of their prescription status during their short wait in the pharmacy and doubles as a great way to promote your services.

Community pharmacy employee providing patient education and counseling

WinScan's integration with the patient profile, coupled with multiple fields for specialized notes, allows your clerk to create a personalized experience with every patient. It may also warn them of patient restrictions or requirements, like an outstanding charge account balance or a need for counseling. No matter the circumstance, arming your clerks with this information allows them to provide the best customer service possible.


Track Prescription Status

Your checkout counter is the front line in your pharmacy. Oftentimes, clerks spend a lot of time going back and forth between checkout and the back end to locate prescriptions. 

Through an integration with the pharmacy management program, WinScan tracks prescription progress through your pharmacy's workflow. This feature allows your clerk to retrieve vital prescription information without ever leaving their workstation, making the checkout process quicker and more efficient.

Securely Process Credit Cards

Pharmacy patient using their EMV card in an EMV terminal for secure credit card processing.

PCI compliance is key for any retail business. You must be able to ensure the security of your customers’ credit card information. Computer-Rx offers PCI compliant card processing, EMV processing, card storage, and near-field payment solutions through the Vantiv Gateway.

Using coded card readers, your patients can swipe or insert their cards or use their smart phones to pay for merchandise. Their information is immediately encrypted and sent to one of our preferred card processing partners. This allows you to provide secure card processing and removes you from liability if a data breach were to occur.

Meanwhile, WinScan gathers the patient prescription signature on the same signature pad and stores it in case of an audit.

WinScan offers many other options for collecting payment.  You can set up charge accounts and issue and accept gift cards and certificates. You can also securely store credit card information through Vantiv to make shipping and delivering prescriptions easier than ever.

Simplify Delivery and Drive-Thru Transactions

Take WinScan on the go using a tablet or smart phone to make deliveries easier than ever for you and your driver. WinScan maps the most optimized route for deliveries and eliminates the paper waste usually associated with prescription delivery. WinScan's real-time delivery tracker allows you to keep up with your driver's progress throughout their route.

Community pharmacy owner handing prescription out their drive-thru pharmacy window.

Capture signatures at your drive-thru quickly and easily with WinScan eSign. No more scanning in hardcopy signatures. Your patients can sign for prescriptions on any Apple device with the WinScan eSign app installed. The signature will be captured and stored in the prescription file for easy retrieval in case of audit.

Identify Opportunities to Grow and Increase Revenue

Use WinScan to improve your bottom line by implementing customer programs that incentivize your customers to return to your pharmacy. Customer loyalty programs are easy to set up. They can help you move merchandise and increase your OTC sales. WinScan prints coupons with barcodes for easy reimbursement to reward customers for loyalty or to use for an outreach program. 

WinScan allows you to keep an accurate inventory of your OTC items. Through the system you can identify slow moving items and setup a perpetual inventory process that will create an order for you based on items sold. You can also identify your most profitable items, most profitable patients, and many other revenue increasing opportunities through flexible reporting features built into the system.

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